Are you waiting for permission to show up as the best version of you?
Too often the most talented individuals are hiding behind their true potential. They are not sure they have got what it takes to match up to that person they are hiding, and what happens if they make a mistake and it is not who they ‘need to be’ or ‘should be’ to be successful in their career.

“We are constantly invited to be who we are.” Henry David Thoreau

For many business professionals, you have left university and joined an organization, where you have been molded into shape as a professional. There are processes and procedures to follow, as well as unwritten rules of ‘how things work around here’. This has provided you with a great start in your career, understanding structures and systems, as well as how the organization structure is built to deliver the business strategy.

This is all great, and you have been so successful in this environment. However, one day you find you are lost in this sea of structures, decisions, teams and projects. You have lost your connection with who you are in all of this. What is your strategy? What is your unique identity? What makes you different from everyone else? We spend so much time trying to fit in, we lose the connection with ourselves.

You were hired into your role because there was something you had that the organization needed. While you have learned the structures and systems of the business, you have you lost what made you stand out? You are not showing up as the full version of you because you have almost forgotten what that is!

Not showing up as the full version of yourself will catch up with you at some stage in your career. Maybe it has already caught up with you, and you are feeling lost for the first time in your career? You have a successful career, but what used to excite you in your role no longer does.

You have been so engrossed in your career that you have forgotten your unique identity and now when you feel disconnected from your role, you are feeling completely lost. You have neglected the connection to your true self, and now you are stuck not knowing what the next step is for you.

It is now time for you to step into your own, which requires you to start shedding the layers of conditioning you have acquired over the years. These are all the layers of ‘shoulds’ and ‘need to’s’ that moulded you career up to now. Yes, they have served their purpose, but it is time to let go of these layers if you want to get unstuck and find your own path in your career.

it’s time to emerge and embrace the authentic best version of you in your career, shedding those layers that are suffocating your progression, achieving greater success with ease and confidence. Remember your 7 year old self. What was unique about her/him?, how was she/he different from everyone else? Let’s stop overcomplicating things, simplicity is everything, step into your zone of genius……being you!

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde