To build a successful and fulfilling career, you need to develop the influence and authority in your skills and expertise, so that you can represent yourself well and get to where you know you are truly capable. How many of us are actually doing that? How many of us are leaving the fate of our career in the hands of others, because we won’t need to take the blame if it doesn’t work out! This is an issue that is not only impacting individuals in their career, but also preventing teams from getting the most from their people. So, what does this look like? How many of you are on teams, or lead teams that feel like they are operating at 50% of what they are truly capable? How many of you are members of teams who are lacking energy and drive, leaving the bulk of the responsibility on the team leader, because ultimately the buck stops there, right? A study by Gallup in 2017 found that 87% of professionals are disengaged in their jobs. This is a truly frightening statistic.  Now, that puts a lot of pressure on the remaining 13% who are giving it their best, engaged and delivering high productivity and results. The 87% are individuals who are feeling unfulfilled and frustrated in their jobs, knowing they are capable of so much more. Sadly, they have completely forgotten how much more capable they are, and the value they have to bring. So, let me ask you, what difference would it make to your career or your team if you could increase engagement, starting with just 10%?……at minimum, this is already significant. I am fortunate to work with professionals helping them revitalise their career to where they feel more fulfilled and rewarded.  During a coaching programme, I seek to find the missing ingredient or blocker to success for the individual, or (in the case of group coaching) the team. What is this costing you? For the individual, disengagement has a huge impact on performance. It erodes confidence and self-belief, and ultimately devaluing them in the workplace.  For the business, disengaged teams lead to staff turnover, substandard performance and ultimately loss of competitiveness. But it doesn’t have to be that way…. It all really comes down to one thing, the courage to trust yourself? The missing link that will bind the success of your team is trust in oneself and trust in your team. What would it feel like to walk into work each day feeling fulfilled, valued and rewarded for what you bring to your team? Feeling understood and valued for your unique skills and contributions, because you have developed the influence and authority in your expertise, your key skills, your career direction, as well as acquiring the skills to represent and articulate yourself well. Imagine leading a team where everyone is fully engaged, takes ownership and has the self-awareness to be accountable to themselves and to the team. TRUST I often ask groups the following questions, and it is amazing how some simple questions can get people thinking in a way they have never thought before, and quickly becoming reflective, helping them answer some questions they have had in their career, teams or business for quite a while. Do you trust yourself to be accountable to yourself and your team? Do you trust your team members to do the same? Do your team members trust one another, including you? Finding the right answer to these questions requires honesty, self-awareness, humility and a capacity to change. Should the answer be ‘no’ to some or all of these questions, then we have some work to do. Are you ready to embark on the path of a more fulfilling and rewarding career? Or are you the team leader who wants an engaged, happy and productive team? If you would like to find out more about how this is possible for you and your team, send me an email, and I will share the three-step framework I use to help individuals and teams to tap into the higher productivity and results they strive for in their career and team. About the Author Anne Caulfield is an accredited Executive Coach and Leadership Coach, supporting businesses to develop high performing teams, that deliver higher productivity and results, using powerful principles that boost collaboration, engagement, motivation and career fulfilment in every team member. Anne also supports professionals one-to-one, to develop the influence and authority on a more fulfilling and rewarding career path, without the long hours and sacrifice.  Anne’s ability to enable insight, learning, and deliver results which are outcome and action orientated, makes it a transforming experience for her clients You can contact Anne at **Anne ranked #37 in the Sage Top 100 Global SME Business Influencers list*