Do you sometimes feel like you are ‘pushing against a brick wall’, facing many challenges as you strive to achieve your goals?  We live in an economy where speed is everything, and global updates are instant with the digital age and social media.  This can take us on a roller-coaster as we try to stay up to date on the latest news, as well as trying to stay focused on our careers and business.

“Follow effective actions with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”
– Peter Drucker

I recently gave a leadership talk on ‘Elevating your Edge, leading from within’, supporting professionals in an economy of continuous change.  I focused this talk on what I summarized as ‘The 4 P’s to Elevate your Success Potential’.  As we get pulled in different directions with competing pressures, we need to take time regularly to press the ‘Home key’ in ourselves, to re-group, recalibrate and remember 4 key elements to elevate our success potential.

1.  Purpose

What on earth am I here for?

Our purpose should drive focus on where we prioritize our time.  Therefore, we need to ensure we are clear on our purpose, and what that means for us.  Sometimes we can get swept away in the moment and suddenly when we have an opportunity to pause and reflect, we wonder how we got there?  Your purpose is unique to you, and when you understand fully what this is, and live by it, it will lead to personal and professional fulfilment.

2.  Passion


Find your passion

One you have defined what your purpose is, you need to align that closely to your passion.  For example, an individual may have a purpose to be part of the digital age transformation; however their passion may be in one of many areas to support this purpose.  This will develop one’s niche and ultimately one’s USP (Unique Selling Point).  When we are working in an area we have great passion, it promotes creativity and innovation in our careers and business, elevating success potential.

3.  Persistence


Never give up!

During the course of our journey within our business and career, there are inevitably up’s and down’s along the way.  There are times we may question our business and careers.  At this point we need to go back to our purpose and passion, and confirm if we are on the right track or if we have been distracted and diverted along the way.  If you find you are living your purpose and passion, you need to persist to ride out the storms, as there is always a sunny day around the corner, which is waiting to elevate you to the next step in your success.

4.  Patience


Good things take time

When we are working on an exciting project or business which fuels our passion to excel, we can get impatient with some of the process to get there.  Even when following your purpose and passion, sometimes we cannot avoid certain tasks and business processes which can slow us down.  Additionally, we need to give ourselves time to grow and learn, which will ultimately yield more sustainable success as we grow our knowledge and experience.

Bringing it all together

In order to Elevate your Edge, you need to be true to your purpose, stay close to you passion and have the patience and persistence to stay grounded when challenges present themselves. Start today by developing your compelling purpose

About the Author

Anne Caulfield is an Executive Coach, accredited Emotional Intelligence coach, and certified Mediator.  Anne is the founder of ElevateEdge.

ElevateEdge’s mission is to elevate professional’s success potential, through leadership development, supported by Executive Coaching and Emotional Intelligence coaching.   Anne is passionate about supporting professionals to develop and be the best version of themselves.  Developing individual’s self-awareness of behaviour patterns and leadership style, and transforming this behavior into innovative leadership and improved decision making.  Through experience and expertise, Anne promotes creativity and innovation in professionals to reinvent and maintain their edge in business.