Emotional Intelligence

What is the differentiating factor for successful leadership today?

Adaptive Leadership, with the ability to be agile and innovative in a changing economy, is putting a huge emphasis on Emotional Intelligence as the differentiating factor to successful leadership.

Emotional Intelligence is the key to personal and professional success

Develop your self-awareness of leadership behaviors, and transform this into innovative leadership strategies and improved decision making

As an Emotional Intelligence Coach……I will support you to develop your EQ, supporting your business and professional success.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is one’s ability to understand behaviors of self and others, while adopting strategies to connect and influence others to give their best.

Why you need to invest in Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence supports our ability to build strong relationships and influence, bringing out the best in ourselves and others.

  • Direct correlation between EQ and business outcomes and results
  • In Management and leadership, EQ combined with experience is the best predictor of success
  • EQ is twice as important as IQ in determining career success.
  • EI can be developed, unlike your IQ
  • Sales teams coached in EQ have seen sales increase by 10-20%
  • Organisations that have worked proactively to improve EQ in their teams have cut attrition by 50%

Emotional Intelligence supports Professional and Business success in the following ways…

  • Stronger relationships, and impact as a leader
  • Improved Decision making
  • Increased leadership ability, supported by creativity and innovation.
  • Increased team performance
  • Reduced employee turnover

Just imagine being able to:

  • Develop Business Relationships from transactional to transformational.
  • Manage challenging team dynamics with a progressive and collaborative approach.
  • Lead your team to deliver the business vision, while remaining an authentic and in-control leader.
  • Progress your Business Vision, benefiting from the collaboration of your team.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching, supported by the ECR 360 Emotional Capital Report assessment, sets a solid foundation for Leadership Development.

ECR 360 Emotional Capital Report

Understanding how your emotions shape your thoughts and actions is the first step to gaining greater control over your behavior.  Developing the skills to manage yourself and other people more effectively maximizes your influence as a leader.   ECR is the worlds most advanced system for measuring and developing emotional intelligence, used by fortune 500 companies.

  • Based on scientific research, discover the ten emotional skills that drive leadership performance and separate great leaders from the rest.
  • Which Emotional Intelligence competencies are your signature strengths, and which competencies do you need to work on?
  • Do you know how your emotions shape your thoughts and actions as a leader?
  • The ECR™ offers a unique assessment of the components of emotional intelligence that are empirically linked to leadership performance.
Emotional Intelligence

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